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Why Counselling? Coaching

As a counsellor and life coach, I am often asked why clients come to me and how can I help.

Why they come

Could be anything really, from bereavement or divorce to stress at work or school.
But usually its something that leaves people feeling lonely or overwhelmed.

How can I help

Whatever the cause or catalyst, time spent with me is part of a gentle healing process-empathetic, non judgemental and positive. The space I try to create around my clients allows them to be themselves. Entirely. And needless to say, I always operate within the BACP ethical framework.
Often counselling is described as a journey taken inwardly. And like most journeys, it has high and low points- a mixture of lovely landscapes and rather bumpy roads!
But it usually leads to real development, increased self-awareness and tangible personal growth.
When delivered well, coaching enables people to become their best selves- and to move smoothly from where they are now to where they want to be ....

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